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Table Top Easel for Painting

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The Manifold Advantages of the Tabletop Easel

Ask anyone about essential equipment for artists; they will immediately talk about paints, brushes, palettes and a medium to paint on. Most of them forget mentioning the easel, arguably one of the most vital pieces of equipment in the artist's arsenal. So what is an easel? They are an upright support for holding the painting medium, containing three legs in the shape of a tripod, attached at the top. The two legs in the front are opposite to the center leg that swings toward the back to form the tripod. It also serves as a brace for the structure. It contains a shelf that runs horizontally across the two front legs and supports the artwork fixed on a board at the top, called the frame, inclined at approximately 20 degrees. Traditionally made from wood, one can nowadays find easels made of metal with retracting legs. Artists use them both indoors and outdoors while painting.

Adjustable heights and uses

The expandable legs of the easel allow the artist to adjust its size according to their height. Apart from using the easel while drawing, the artist also uses them for displaying their finished work. Certain models also include a paint tray for holding the accessories of the artist. Big size easels can easily accommodate canvases as large as 75 inches. One can also opt for table top easel for painting. Also known as mount easels, they are ideal for individuals who have to sit while working, have a limited amount of floor space, and for those who like to work on small canvasses as well. They are perfect for students for use in the classroom where space is minimal. Their small size allows users to put them on top of a table. However, they are unsuitable for artists planning to work with large canvases because they lack the stability of the larger easels.

Convertible models

The hybrid or the convertible models are ideal for artists who work with a variety of media since one can convert them from a normal easel, ideal for painters working with oil or acrylic medium, to table top easel for painting with media such as pastel and water colors. The table top model is perfect for kids and budding artists who have just started painting, and require a functional workspace for painting, drawing and sketching. Buy a table top easel for painting and turn almost any empty surface into your own personal artist space with such easels that can also be used to display your work. It is preferable that you opt for a model that allows you to adjust the tilt angle and includes a prop behind the easel.