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If you are looking for art paper supplies you will want to browse the many varieties below at OurArtSupplies.com. We sell watercolor, canvas and sketching paper.

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Stocking Your Art Supply Cupboard

Whether you're a professional artist, you've got kids at home who love drawing and crafting, or you have a scrapbooking hobby, keeping a ready stocked cupboard of art paper supplies and other craft materials is a great way to ensure you have what you need on hand.

When and Where to Buy Your Art Paper Supplies

You can save a lot of money on art materials by buying in bulk and keeping an eye out for sales. Paper, pens, and other craft materials are often on sale in the back to school period and you can stock up on seasonal-themed scrapbooking materials when they're marked down after the holidays.

While it's always nice browsing through new art supplies in stores, you can often get a better deal online, particularly if you buy in bulk. It's generally best to keep a large stock of the materials you use most often (paper, your favorite pens and other frequently used items) and you can always splash out and try out some new art materials if you see something you can't resist when you're out shopping.

A good art supply cupboard should have both a wide range of materials and a good variety to choose from for different projects:


Keep plenty of card and paper in different weights and colors and sizes. Most artists and hobbyists have a favorite type of paper, depending on which media they specialize in but it can spark creativity to try out a different type of paper from time to time. A good selection would include:

- Drawing paper from rough to smooth finishes

- Watercolor paper

- Art papers containing unusual fibers

- Colored card

- Brown packing paper

- Crepe and tissue paper in different colors

- Metallic paper and card

As well as loose sheets of paper, it's always handy to have a few pads in different sizes for when you want to sketch on the go. Paper rolls are also very economical and great for kids.


Most artists have a preference between watercolor and acrylic or oil paint, but keeping a stock of several different types of paint allows you to experiment.

A wide range of colors is always appealing, but keep a larger stock of the primary colors, black and white. You also might like to try out some special colors like metallic and fluorescent colors.

Washable tempera paints in bottles and watercolor paints are the best choices for kids. Liquid watercolors have a more vibrant effect than the typical palettes and are easier for small children to use.

Drawing supplies

You can really go to town when it comes to stocking up on pens and pencils. There are literally thousands of types, brands and colors to choose from. Luckily pens and pencils are inexpensive so you can afford to branch out.

- Drawing pencils in a range of grades

- Colored pencils, in a wide range of colors, including water soluble versions

- Colored pens and markers

- Chalk and charcoal

- Dip and fountain pens with inks in different colors

- Mechanical pencils

- Ballpoint pens in a variety of colors